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Weshemaw birhanu chullo shamed by Emirates, and Ethiopian economy grows bantugudifecha style, thanks to war on Tigray.

Post by abel qael » 23 Feb 2021, 03:10

The weerada bantugudifechan weshela birahanu chullo was ridiculed and belittled by the emiratis who refused his plea for renting 1 drone.
With no prior preparation, in a short notice, and regardless of the severe cold weather, Tigreans in DC demonstrated in Emirati Embassy yesterday, and it worked miracles ; the Emiratis said the weshela birhanu chullo will get nothing from them.

Even the Ethiopian i Ministry of Idustry statistics department said, TIgray was contributing 10-15% of Ethiopia's export earning, and the 3 month long -war on Tigray has brought thhe Ethiopian economy from its Agazian peak down to its bantugudifechan and gudelamharan roots.

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