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To Berhane Gebreab, what is your point to post Debretsion aka Debresiol picture, is he your ideal leader???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 22 Feb 2021, 22:48

First, Tigrayans do not like to worship individuals, Woyane fought as collective leadership until the split of Woyane leadership after the border war. Woyane struggle had many leaders elected by the fighters and one comes and contributes and the next Tigrayan take over until Meles took over and became one man show and ignored Tigray with his man Bereket Simon.

Second, I am not accusing or blaming Debrestion for personal reason but Tigray issues. If you want to know about Debretsion leadership, Debretsion never made one thing wright for Tigray people everything he tried were wrong because he used trail and error leadership and he is compounded by mafia networks and that is what he knows since he come to power under Meles Zenawi. The main reason where Tigray is now is because Debretsion brainless, visionless, inept leadership never think anything beyond what he is told to say and do because he does and say the most childish thoughts and the laughing stock known around EPRDF for long time.

The things Debretsion made glossal mistakes Tigray to be reined and torched by its mortal enemies:

1. Debretsion forgot his most sensitive job as the head of security of the country and spent all his days in massage rooms in Addis Ababa and many concerned Tigrayans reported on websites that the country is infiltrated by enemies around the world and Debretsion is not doing his job and danger to Tigray is coming soon. Debretsion did not learn from his mistakes and try to rectified his bad habits and do the public of Tigray job.

2. Abay Woldu despite he is moron and peasant but nationalist suggested to take out Issayas and put the right leaders to do things for the Eritrean people but Debretsion and Sebhat Nega opposed the idea and Issayas was spared.

3. Abay Woldu had a saving Tigray plan and he wanted to try to quell the country disturbance, if persists then he wanted to use Article 39 and leave the country as independent nation with Somali and Afar but Sebhat group, Debretsion and Getachew Assefa group opposed Abay Woldu group and they ousted him from power and took the power to themselves.

4. Debretsion was told to arrest Abiy after they found he is a wishy-washy liar before he came to power but Debretsion refused to go along with the plan and Abiy became PM.

5. Debretsion was told by us many times to go back to Addis one night operation and kick out this lair before he organized, this is after one year in power and did not have things to safeguard him before Issayas inserted his feet in Addis Ababa and it was so easy to send 5K commandos and take him our within hours but Debretsion said I do not want any Tigrayan blood shed but he exposed the entire Tigray for bloodshed and over 52K innocent Tigrayans massacred by the two enemies of Tigray for the last three months.

6. Debretsion was told by us over and over the policy he was adhering economic development because economic progress does not mean if you do not have security of the people and I posed many about it and gave many examples to understand it. You cannot try to save a penny immediate but you will lose in millions, you spend reasonable money to save millions or billions, Debrestion does not understand that thinking, this strategy is only for the wise leaders in business world or leading people or country.

7. I advised him by posting to close schools from high school to all colleges and in the country sides to train and arm all Tigrayans to defend but Debretsion ignored it and he exposed Tigray to be looted and killed everywhere.

8. Debretsion does not see things ahead of time until his bloody nose bleed and goes to his mouth and his tongue tests the blood to alert him, this example, I posted it many times to understand what he is doing.

9. Debretsion was begged by other ethnics to lead them and involve to oust Abiy but Debretsion told them Tigray will do its part and it is up to each ethnic not Tigray heavily to involve and train ethnics like Afar, Agew, Beneshangule and others who were begging him. If he had that they could have helped him when the war started or they might not start it if Debrestion had many armed allies with other ethnics. Issayas is good on this one not moron Debertsion.

10. Debretsion is sending captured enemy soldiers back to the enemy and they come back to fight Tigray, TDF and the leadership must have a better strategy all captured soldiers not to go home to come back and kill us.

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Re: To Berhane Gebreab, what is you point to post Debretsion aka Debresiol picture, is he your ideal leader???

Post by TGAA » 23 Feb 2021, 00:09

Now we know you and that is why you going to lose each and every time. Every time you raise your viper head it is going to get crushed flat.

Halafi Mengedi
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Re: To Berhane Gebreab, what is your point to post Debretsion aka Debresiol picture, is he your ideal leader???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 23 Feb 2021, 02:01

Continues Debretsion catastrophe mistakes Tigray to be reined as leadersless orphan country.

11. Under Debretsion presidency Tigray was infiltrated over 5000 spies all over Tigray villages by Hamassien securities yet Debretsion did not bother about them despite the Hamassien have been at Tigray throat to destroy Tigray for the last 18 years and he let them know every corner of Tigray to lead their invader Hamassien troops to do maximum damage the way they did to Tigray. If this not utterly incompetent moronic leadership what else, the bigger question for Berhane Gebreab is if such leadership Debretsion displayed to be honor as you exhibited then there is a problem on your side to be looked at.

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