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Why Did the TPLF thugs Start a War if the Majority of Tigrayas were on the Brink of Starvation

Post by sesame » 22 Feb 2021, 22:46

It is amazing how totally unprepared and callous the TPLF goons were when they started what was a major war. Half of the people of Tigray are permanently on food aid. The other half had just suffered a devastating locust invasion when the TPLF idiots decided to cross the line and start a major war with the federal government and Eritrea. 22 years ago, a British journalist wrote about the horrors of Igri Mekel
If the conduct of war is a measure of a government's fitness and ability to rule, then Tsorona is a terrible indictment of the TPLF.
The same should be said about the TPLF today, not by foreigners, but by Tigrayans themselves. They have destroyed your future and it is about time that you accept that. The TPLF is a criminal gang that deserved to be erased.

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