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For Eritrea, absurdity is its only reality

Posted: 22 Feb 2021, 22:06
by sarcasm
For Eritrea, absurdity is its only reality

By Nazareth Amlesom

During this COVID pandemic, the Eritrean president has been literately absent. During these last two years, he made two public appearances, last year in February and a week ago this February. In these interviews, he gave a long analysis of regional politics and told the Eritrean people that they are surrounded by dangerous enemies and eminent attack are looming over them as usual. He ignored the internal affairs completely, and if he did mention it, it was only to explain that the economic and social problems that Eritrea is facing are plotted by external enemies, namely the West and TPLF.

In his last year’s interview, he officially told the nation that Eritrea is in deep economic inflation. His government was unable to operate factories that were built by the Italians which were running during the long war of independence. This year, when asked whether the Eritrean economy is affected by the lockdown (literarily everything is shutdown since March 2020: schools and businesses. Only the business of war is actively running), he responded “Eritrea does not have an economy that can be affected by the lockdown because Eritrean economy is a subsistence economy.” According to him, the hair dresser, the barber, the swa maker (beer maker), the bus driver, the baker, the builder, the shopkeeper are not affected.
Like any reasonable Eritrean, I am asking myself, when is the time that Eritrea gets the leaders it deserves. I cannot hide that this is the darkest time for my people, and my heart aches for them.

The Eritrean people manage to survive all these hardships because they are hopeful for a better tomorrow and they generously support each other. When we ask our families how they are doing, their answer is always, “We are fine under the protection of God.” I also hope that providence be with you. ... 7007093271