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ALL saw it coming

Post by Cartmann » 22 Feb 2021, 14:13

When the TPLF were chased to Mekele, instead of accepting the reality, they continued their contemptuous and belligerent attitude, all with the support of the Tigrayans who failed to dissociate themselves from the Malelits by condemning the crimes. Even so, neither Abbiy nor Isaias were contemplating to strike first. The TPLF attacked the federal army first and by that time Ethiopia and Eritrea reached a boiling point. Any sane person would know it not to start war because all those who were suffering under the TPLF were seething to spill blood. The ignoramus TPLF underestimated their crimes and they insulted the intelligence of the victims by denying all their wrong doing. Still the people of Tigray are blaming everybody else, except the TPLF. Sadly, they are paying big price for that. So, where is the surprise if all those who suffered under the TPLF decide to bang Tigray until they says TPLF is the culprit?

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Re: ALL saw it coming

Post by eritrea » 22 Feb 2021, 17:46

Cartmann wrote:
22 Feb 2021, 14:13
This is horrible. Is there any more information about the circumstances of the picture above? May God have mercy on the affected people.

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