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ደሞ ይሄ ምርጫ ደረስ ወተት በቧንቧ ካልጋትናችሁ ሊሉን አና ከጾማችን ሊያስተጔጉሉን። ወይ አዳችን

Post by Lakeshore » 21 Feb 2021, 22:03

PP party has to remove every Agame who had any kind of contact with previously with any junta. These people are damaged beyond repair.
They can not be rehabilitated they need to be roughed up to understand the reality. This how they think, imagine if they were the ones who won the war do you think to allow any Amhara fano or ENDEF who had been fighting them alive? The answer is definitely no. They were expecting the same to be brutalized but when THe Aba Geday came and gave them stolen grains when the power and telecom line that they broke got repaired in no time when TPLF junta like Tewolde of Ethiopian airlines still allowed to fire Ethiopians and hire foreign agents and collaborators when Azeb Mesfin and other core TPLF members allowed to squander our money and damage our moral when abra Desta brag about Tigray land when ENDF members massage the killer's leg When Amhara fano told not to celebrate its victory, when ENDF members and Fenqel leader got killed of course they will be emboldened, felt important, felt like they are the engine of the country. War is an art and it has many faces by letting ENDF carry and massage those criminals is a disgrace. It is an army and code of conduct. We are sending the wrong message an enemy is an enemy it doesn't matter what nationality it has. For that matter, if one Tgree in Mekelle hide a junta and claimed to be a humanitarian then we have no moral ground to prosecute him/her because our own army made to do the same.

PP has been infiltrated and still, it is infiltrated and pp is endangering the Ethiopian army and peoples. I do not like this fat agame but for Yemane murder pp and Abyi ahmed are equally responsible.

ደሞ ይሄ ምርጫ ደረስ ወተት በቧንቧ ካልጋትናች ሁ አያሉ ከጾማችን ሊያስተጔጉሉን ነው። ወይ አዳችን liers

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