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I am not saying this because I am an Eritrean.

Post by Cigar » 21 Feb 2021, 18:51

Yes all nationals are biased to their own things, but when it comes to the bravery, determination, steadfastness, love of their country and people, they are second to none.
Not even the USA or the Europeans can be par to our women.
And we all know that one third of Eritrea's freedom fighters were Eritrean and the number is likewise as we speak.
And unless one is certain to tell me their women are as brave as the Eritreans, I challenge you to prove it.
Eritrean women are known to cut the balls of our enemies and shiver it into their mouths.
And here below is one of these Eritrean heroins singing with her beautiful voice and entertaining her people.
Don't be haters. Just be honest and admit it and take your freaking hats for them.
And in this site we have freaking male agames sitting in their couches and open their filthy mouths.
Put up or shut the f**k up.

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