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"It is not yet raining, just drizzling" President Shimales Abdisa of Oromia Region

Post by DefendTheTruth » 21 Feb 2021, 16:30

He said something like the following (translation is mine):
For those who are feeling themselves overwhelmed by the current economic activities in our region, please take a breath, because it has not yet started to rain, right now it is just drizzling. You will be earnestly overwhelmed when it starts to rain torrentially

We have not yet started to work in earnest, we are just sort of warming up. We will develop Oromia and through that also develop not only Ethiopia but also the whole of Horn of Africa.

And in the following video, Deputy PM, Ato Demeke Mekonnon, said, "yes, there is a fight between me and the PM", so take a breath the camp of negative energy.

Ethiopia has just started a new chapter and the future is bright!

We had the resources all along but we lacked the needed motivation in our long history and became the symbol of a beggar, this sad history will end soon. We have managed now to bring the resources and the needed motivation together.

I like leaders who are preaching positivity to the people they lead, the whiners can keep whining and strengethen their hunger strikes :lol: :lol: :lol: .

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