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abel qael
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The next target of Meshrefet and wedimedhin is this tigraway wedi Welqayit whom they suspect as weyane agent

Post by abel qael » 21 Feb 2021, 09:00

He contradicts Meshrefet and wedimedhin on just about everything. including the theft of Welkait, Raya, Adiabo, or any inch of Tigray, including Erob or Badme. Yemane was killed by wedimedhin meshrefet and temesggen tiruneh for HOLDING the same opinions LIKE MELES BISIRAT. These two Bandas are much better than the other bandas in mekele, such as the fezaz wardiya mesay ADWAN aka DEMBIAN_HAMASENAY MISCREANT NAMED MULU NEGA

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