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Thomas H
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Modern wedding style in the beautiful Eritrea

Post by Thomas H » 24 Jan 2021, 17:00

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Re: Modern wedding style in the beautiful Eritrea

Post by sun » 24 Jan 2021, 17:56

Thomas H wrote:
24 Jan 2021, 17:00
Hmm... 8)

Instead of climbing trees and blowing fake News trumpets and deafening our blessed sharp ears why don't you get out of the caves and join the people in Tigray doing positive and constructive relevant jobs in helping the Tigryan people on the ground to have basic securities, basic incomes, clean drinking water, enough food supply, enough quality education, enough employments and trading peacefully with their Eritrean neighbors through open borders and open hearts and become healthy wealthy and happy together. If you are constantly manufacturing hate and and violence you will only receive double hates and double violence whether you like it or not. But the sad thing is that innocent common Tigryan civilians suffer from your toxic Judas poisonous doomed propaganda. Change the outdated song and do constructive jobs for the people and then have BIG SMILE like the image below. Okay? Okay! :P

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