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Thank You Yaballo!

Post by Masud » 21 Jan 2021, 10:01

Dear Yaballo,
You are doing great jobs these days. The topics of your posts, the issues you raise, the arguements you make, the informations you share, the evidences you present, and your perspectives are all amazing.

Now you got "them"! ፎጣ ለባሽ ወራሪ ፍየል ሁላ! Go after them and humilate them!

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Re: Thank You Yaballo!

Post by Misraq » 21 Jan 2021, 10:05

:roll: :roll: :roll:

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Re: Thank You Yaballo!

Post by yaballo » 21 Jan 2021, 10:23

Dear Masud,

WOW! .. Thank you. I'll try but jara mataa dhakaa kana wollin/wojjiin haasa'uni ykn marii godhuuni dhukkaba mataa namatti fida. Yo/inna garii, maalifi jara yaada nama biraa/dhibii hinfudhane wojjiin afaan bana jedheellee hinyaada. Akkuma atuu beektuu, jarii an incredibly toxic lot. Nagaatti obboleessa keena. Tamuufuu [anyway] ..

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Re: Thank You Yaballo!

Post by Somaliman » 21 Jan 2021, 13:47

Misraq wrote:
21 Jan 2021, 10:05
:roll: :roll: :roll:

Hey, you retard monkey,

Hasn't your mother told you to show some respect for the dead no matter what they've done!

What you're dragging all over the forum is a picture of a dead body, not an individual.

You're no different from a vulture, who is incapable of killing their prey for themselves but rather is delighted to devour the prey killed by other! You've all the signs of a dirty coward!

In addition, what you should also know is that the dead man may have left family behind who may not have done anything wrong to anyone and would not like to see a picture of their kin's dead body dragged on a forum, in the same way that you wouldn't be happy to see a naked picture of your prostitute mother dragged on a forum!

What you're doing is an absolute moral offence to the humanity per se , but I wonder what a basta.rd affected with serious mental retardation born in a brothel knows about morality!

FYI, I'm not even Ethiopian, in case you wanted to call me Agame!

Just a thought!

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Re: Thank You Yaballo!

Post by kerenite » 21 Jan 2021, 13:50

Dear oromo brothers,

please enlighten me here:

We do know in the year 1998 ethios were rallied from all corners to fight eritrea. Best singers such as tilahun or mahmud were brought in the scene chanting... Tekeberesh yenorsh..... Etc..

The main reason given then was ager tewererech. Foreigners are in Yematdifer ager.

Now to make the story short. Even a dumb can tell your whole tigray province is now under the full control of a foreign country as we speak.

Hence, where is the rhetoric? Have you given up in tigray?

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