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Post by ZEMEN » 17 Jan 2021, 17:42

Tigrayns are the most evil and ignorant people, ever!!! In the history of the world, you win and you lose, however; no one lied more than the Tigryans at their lose. remember, they started the war!!!! When they they are beaten by their own game, they resorted to lies and making up stories. lossers, you lost but not admit that you are beaten by the Amara, they must bring the Eritreans in to the mix. The truth is, you are beaten by the " [ deleted ] and Fota lebash Amara. They say Eritrean stole cooking where, the question is who stills pans and cooking whereas? What they are saying the miserable Tigryans all they own is cooking wears?. The Tigryans are the worst creatures ever god created and they should be hold down and suffer what they inflicted on the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. remember. they attacks the same army who protected them, whom they build schools on their sleep.
Tigrayns are the worst people with crap mentality and they should be hold in check.

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