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The great Oromo Generals VS the Cannabis Puffing Junta

Post by Za-Ilmaknun » 13 Jan 2021, 20:08

The Cannabis consuming TPLF generals deluded in believing that they could win war against ENDF within a short amount of time. They murdered countless unsuspecting soldiers of the Northern Command in their sleep and poisoned their Commanding General who happened to be of Oromo. They refused to let the replacement general to get to the post in Mekele because they said he is Amhara.

The Airforce Commander, General Merdassa sent his jets and drones to take out the strategic long range weaponry and the radar system before the ganjja smokers get a chance to realize what was happening. Then came in the morning the great Bacha Debele to organize and regroup the soldiers who miraculously made it to Eritrea escaping the onslaught. He then returned back to Raya and, with the famous general and strategist, Alemshet Degife, who is an Oromo himself chased TPLF outta the picture in less than 2 weeks. :mrgreen: In all of these, the Chief of staff, General B. Julla is the main architect of the war on the side of the PM, who is a colonel and a Jimma Oromo himself.

While the TPLF generals get hit with their Ganjja and live in their make believe world, the real Oromo generals smoked them in a short two weeks. :mrgreen: :lol: The last of the "Junta" is now debating with itself whether to surrender and meet the Nega camp who are already in Qality ..or be turned to dust like the Mesfin and the Asgedom and the Tsehaye... :| Their choice ..our show :roll:

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