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The sophisticated Ethiopian drones hunting Woyanie leaders

Posted: 13 Jan 2021, 20:01
by Roha
The sophisticated and highly advanced drones employed by the Ethiopian Federal Defense Forces have increased the capability and efficiency in its current war operations in Tigray. What most people may not know is the new software that has been uploaded on them around December obtained from a friendly nation. The name of the software and its supplier will remain confidential for a while, however some of its highly advanced capability as seen in action in the Tekeze valley is partly here.
This software has capacity for precise zooming at short and long distances of aerial surveillance and in combination with other automated identification technologies, it allows for effortless cataloging of individuals and their activities in an urban or rural environment. ...
This means the drones can surreptitiously watch sensitive activities and catalog individuals 24 hours a day. Everyone entering or exiting a modern building or a cave could be identified and catalogued.
This was how the Woyanie honchos and Capos such as Seyoum Mesfin, aboy Sibhat Nega and many others were identified when the place was located by Tigrayan collaborators vying for the reward money in millions of Birr.

More on this coming ....