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The punishment........

Post by Cigar » 13 Jan 2021, 18:59

I hope the ethio govt put a megaphone which repeatedly play what these woyane thugs were saying in regard to what they will do to Ethiopia and Eritrea, and how they were tough that they can reach Addis & Asmara in a week, that PMAA will not have chance to flee to Zimbabwe like mengistu and every thing bravados crap respectively in their individual cells with pin point what one said in the past, in their cells but this time the recorded part 24/7, 365 days and nights none stop until they die .
Too bad some are shot in their chenawi agame as*ses and are dead.
But I still want this dumb as*ses agame thugs to listen to their previous empty bravado.
I mean there is a video where the old bag, resah Sebhat nega actually saying that they were taught to not surrender as tplfites. He said that always carry a gun and atleast one bullet and poisonous capsules for suicide.
Cowards are the agames, and we been saying that since their inception of the struggle as are all these weasels agames in this site.
Godemet go fight and save your snotty agames which you shed crocodile tears for, if you believe they had it better during your criminal woyane. But your smelly agames in tigray are praising PMAA for freeing them.
They are advocating that he gets a second Nobel Peace Prize.

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