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BREAKING! Dear Black People: Obamas, Biden and Liberal Media are Gaslighting You Part II

Post by teodroseIII » 13 Jan 2021, 06:30

The article that Charlie Peach wrote earlier this week blew the doors off and exceeded all expectations in terms of how many people that write up reached. Her insights into the fraudulence of the democrat party and their liberal allies in mainstream media literally went viral. I was so impressed by the sheer number of people who flocked to the Ghion Journal to read the article that I was moved to discuss Charlie Peach’s assessment on my latest appearance with Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan on Fault Lines Radio.

What I appreciate about Charlie Peach is that she does not toe the neo-liberal agenda and she refuses to play the game that Obama, Kamala and fellow Boulet coons have perfected over the years. Instead, she gives it straight like a tequila without a chaser. I tried my best to honor Charlie’s spirits on this interview below as I go back and forth with Jamarl and Shane about the DC protestors and why it is important to stop castigating them and instead support their efforts.

The full interview can be heard below, make sure to subscribe to Fault Lines Radio and also make sure to subscribe to the Ghion Journal YouTube channel as well. Enjoy and pass this on using #WildcatStrikeUSA2001, speaking of which make sure to read my latest article that calls for a wildcat strike in America in order to defend our collective interests....continued...


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