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Bad news for Agame clans about the "refugee" camp

Post by euroland » 12 Jan 2021, 20:06

The reliable source states: the four so called "Refugee" camps aka Scam Camp that are located in Mini Kilil is under the full control of your nightmare "Isayas Soldiers" (LOL). They found 85%-90% of those who registered as refugees are in fact a pure Agame clans who were registered as Eritreans. Intense investigation is on going to find out from where they came from and how they end up in the scam camp. The couple of hundreds who are happen to be Eritreans, most are from the border towns and villages of Eritrea whose relatives are already left for a third country via Tigray, such as to Israel, North Amrica and Europe and they also want to join them,....fair enough; those who are from the big cities of Eritrea who are in the military age are being integrating if they are deserters or not.

We were told, the Dead Tplf was more angry on the capture of these refugee camps than the capture of Mekele or Adwa. After all, it was their main source of income from UNHCR and many NGOs. Now that income is cut off permanently.

It is ironic; we the Shaebians are now doing the interviews INSIDE Tigray to find out who is the real refugee that fled Eritrea from SHAEBIA, whose not :lol: :lol:

Nonetheless, I hope they don't hurt them; after all, these are the happy days for all Eritreans and its government. However, to those Agame clans who were registered as Eritreans.....I think they should take them to the ቆላ ተምቤን በረሃ and let them feed to the Hynes.

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