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As our priest used to say, "Abraham loves his God so much so offered his son for slaughter for his sake" did the Agame..

Post by sebdoyeley » 10 Jan 2021, 23:54

I don't go alone with our priest may God grantee his soul, first I don't like his showing-off without notice and eat our mother-made spicy chicken Zigni, and worse of all his preaching, he loves to preach but he has no content or logic at all on his preaching, and he hates WH questions.
-- me, I love to dig not only on questions but even on the field.
so, Abraham offered his only son for slaughter for the sake of his God. does it mean he loves himself more than his son, so much so he used his son as an entry Cinema ticket to see his God?
those kinds of questions that waked me up at night and that priest supposed to answer for me. who cares anymore he was a crock
.....May God bless his soul, He was a filthy priest.
Let's back a little bit.
do the Agame elite did exactly like that offered their agame children for slaughter to visit 4 kilo, while they are given their hand now to the FED army?

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