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Tigray is the only hope for Ethiopians!

Post by EthioRedSea » 26 Nov 2020, 08:45

The issue is not about TPLF. Tigrayans do no care about TPLF There have been plans to arrest the leaders of TPLF as they have committed serious crimes against Tigray and Ethiopia: The Algiers's Agreement is one.

The issue is about Ethiopia and it's future. Abiy Ahmed is a stooge of Eritrea and Arab countries (UAE). The people of Tigray have no choice but to stand along side TPLF to make sure Ethiopia is back in the hands of the people of Ethiopia. Eritrea is the arch enemy of Ethiopia. Eritrea uses TPLF hate as a cover to invade Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed uses also the same tactic.

We should be grateful that TPLF and Tigray are fighting for us, Ethiopians. We should support them by putting aside ideological differences.

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