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Once Mekelle falls

Post by Hawdian » 26 Nov 2020, 07:53

The Ras will not make fun of Tigregu. I had personal vendetta with TPLF but now that we have destroyed them, we have nothing against Tigregu.

Many of my good friends are from Tigray. Some are real Agame and we wouldn't agree while others we hold same views more or less.

I hope all Ethiopians can move forward.

The Ras never holds any ills in his heart and that's why I never stuck on anti-Tigray, Oromo, Amhara, Eritrean or even Somalis. I deal with everyone as per day and per event.

Once that's over, it's a new dawn.

Tonight we reach out to our Tigregu brothers and sisters especially those ready to put the past behind them.

Halafi, Tigray, Thomas, Roha–today is a new beginning. You had your 30 years. Hold your heads up.

I am back in Ethiopia and I have started few projects. Life under Abiy and Mustafa have been a blessing thus far.

If tomorrow they change, so will we.

PS, find me Amhara wife. She can be orthodox and I can be my faith. We all believe in the same God. It's kind of like getting from Nairobi to Addis. One wants to take plane, another train, by road, foot or by a donkey.

In the end, we moving from A to B.

One love.

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