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abel qael
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Finan is wedimedhin fan but he is worried about the impact of this Ethiopian Embassy letter that anulls midribahri.

Post by abel qael » 21 Nov 2020, 02:24

Interestingly, he knows the letter is authentic and true, but he has hard time accepting the truth and enters to a deep coma of denial, just like the majority inside the country who are doing nothing when they see what wedimedhin is doing to erase the independence of their country.

The only good info he had is about Tiigray starting its telephone system but he said nothing other than "Tigray Aytekaelun/Tigrayoch altechalum"". As wedimedhin fan he still wants to believe every bilgina propaganda about the war. This kind of sneaky behavior is bad for a Muslim like him.

ብዛዕባ ,ዛ ቴሌፎን ተገሪመ ትግራይ ህዝባ
ንእሽቶ ህዝበ-እስራኤል ,ዩ🙏 ኣቱም ሰባት
ኣምሓሩ ,ታይ ከምዝደልዩ ደኣ ከይተሓልመ
ፍቱሕ ,ዩ ኮ ደሓን ቀስ ኢሉ ክርደኣኩም ,ዩ🤔

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