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The Continuation of the Galla invasion that started in the mid 16th century...

Post by Semerec » 21 Nov 2020, 01:22

Before the mid 16th centuries the Gallas never lived in Ethiopia. They migrated from the lower east coast of Africa upwards north and resided in the current Mombasa area and sprung from there. The original Gallas are the Borenas which started expanding up north using a gangster culture called the Geda. Geda which means invasion is a criminal organization’s looting and killing strategy. According to Pankhurst (1997) the Oromos/Gallas started invading Ethiopia starting from 1521 by the first luba called Melbah. Every Luba rules for 8 years and is replaced by a new one. In order for a galla individual to become a luba he has to kill as many people as possible especially men and boys and become aba geda first and then luba. Haile G(1995) states the following in the Ye Abba Bahrey dirsetoch:

The Galla appeared from the west and crossed the river of their country, which they call gelena, to the frontier of Bali, in the time of the Hatse Wenag Segged. They are the two tribes who are called Bereytuma11 and Boren. They have neither king nor master like other peoples; rather they obey a luba for eight years. And after eight years another luba is appointed, and the first is relieved. They do so at every period. The meaning of luba is “those who are circumcised at the same time.” And the order of their circumcision is like this: when a luba steps down, the Bertuma and Boren each gives itself a name, just as the nigus’s regiments are called Sillus Hayle, Bedil Tsehay, and Giyorgis Hayle. Pp.198-201 So essentially the Aba Geda who is the head of the clan and his military wing Aba Dula are murderers who essentially killed hundreds and thousands of people. Because of the Galla invasion within 80 years 28 tribes and languages were completely wiped out due to mass genocide and mass enslavement called gerba.

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Re: The Continuation of the Galla invasion that started in the mid 16th century...

Post by Guest1 » 21 Nov 2020, 02:20

ታሪክና ባህል አልተጠናም። ምን ትዝ አለኝ?
ቡቱ ቡቱቱ፤ እናት የለሽ፤ አባት የለሽ፤ እግዜር ያጥፋሽ ይባል ነበር። ክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክክ

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Re: The Continuation of the Galla invasion that started in the mid 16th century...

Post by Noble Amhara » 21 Nov 2020, 03:02

Exactly what I’m saying galas should be evicted from Midr Genye/kemise and gebrarya/silale those areas belong to Abysinnia particularly Amhara region and hararghe/Somali region. Wonchi and Wolisa Gurage Region etc they are just invaders who destroy history and beauty kicking galas from north Shewa and south west Shewa will completely decimate the galla belaynet from Ethiopia all galla has is Shewa and bits of wollo there hararghe jimma welega arsi are worthless untouched resourceless fandia grounds

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