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abel qael
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according to qomiches like wedi and deqibidamas like bu'shtin, debrepropoor, getachew, sekutre and others were dead

Post by abel qael » 21 Nov 2020, 00:14

They told us these guys were targeted by drones and dead, wedi even vowed he will never come back to mereja if he is proven wrong on his claim that they are dead but today I saw all of them, including debrepropoor and getachew, and the shameless midget gonderam is still in Mereja. kkkkk This is like the qomiche lies propagated by the sore loser deqibidamma like bushtin-hamadegibi, sesamit etc, who told us more than 4 times that Adwa, adigrat, wukro, korem maichew etc, were captured.

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