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In 2017, Halafi wished war and destruction on oromo and amhara, now it came to him! Wow!

Post by Sadacha Macca » 20 Nov 2020, 20:04

This is what Obbo Halafi wished upon us, specifically Oromo's and Amhara's, and their leaders:

Learn from Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia all the leaders thought that they were still in charge but they were gone and the leaders of Gallaa and Amahra are not with you but with Diaspora their own ethnics. You cannot reverse the course anymore but you can do is how you can save Tigray and Tigray friends of Somali, Afar, Beneshangule, Gambela and Agew. Tigray will not coexist with Amhara and Gallaa we must agree on this one. Go and destroy Amhara leaders and Gallaa leaders and leave them anarchy and bring our people from Addis Ababa and resettle them in Bahredar and put heavy arm force base in Bahredar. Bring Sudan to control half of Gonder and protect Agew.

The unity of the country and other ethnics should not be concern of Tigray except our friends. Woyane do the following:

• Bring all Tigrayan students from Amhara and Gallaa and tell Gallaa and Amhara to leave Tigray.

• Bring all Tigray businesses and factories to Tigray immediately.

• Bring all military hardware, all military and civilian airplanes and other assets installed post 1991.

• Tell Tigrayans to sale their real estate properties from Addis Ababa and other part of Amhara and Gallaa.

• Open big base in Bahredar and bring all Tigrayans from Addis Ababa and other kilils to Bahredar and resettle them.

• Arm Tigrayans up to one million as a reseve.

• Organize with other friendly ethnics like Somali, Afar, Agew, Beneshangule and Gambela to create your own one country. Southern should have common defense with us. If Somali want to be separate country then they can do.

• Leave Amhara and Gallaa, there is nothing interest for Tigray except headache.

• Tigray must control all Tigray looted lands by Amhara north Wollo, north Gonder and west Tana Lake including Bahredar.
• Invite Sudan to station at the Agew Qimant territories and evict all Amhara from north Gonder, north Wollo, and west of Tana Lake including Bahredar.

• All Tigrayans must leave Addiss Ababa to Bahredar, Somali, Beneshagule, Afar, Agew, Gambela must leave Addis ababa to their own territories and let them bring all their students to their own Universities and they should evict Amhara and Gallaa from their universities too.

• The president of Somali, Afar, Qimant Agew, Tigray, Beneshangule and Gambela must sign untied one nation and you can sign common defense treaty with Southern nation and leave Amhara and Gallaa.

• Once you do that the let them fight us if they want, if there is fighting then go hard after all the infrastructures erected post 1991 specially destroy Addis Ababa to ghost town and destroy Abay Bridge to cut the unwanted people to come to our city Bahredar. Tigray must be merciless to the settlers in our looted lands but you must give them 72 hours to leave if not go and clean them from your lands

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Re: In 2017, Halafi wished war and destruction on oromo and amhara, now it came to him! Wow!

Post by kibramlak » 20 Nov 2020, 21:49

And Abiy gave them 72 hrs to handover their criminal hands. He wanted Bahirdar but Amhara is now in the heart of Tigray (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=238134 ). If it were like old times, Tigray could be renamed to other things and all the people of Ethiopia can own some parcels there.

There is a saying:

One harvests what s/he saws
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Re: In 2017, Halafi wished war and destruction on oromo and amhara, now it came to him! Wow!

Post by gagi » 20 Nov 2020, 21:54

By the way, this is not an isolated dream just by one crazy forumer.

There are a number of them who share such diabolical fantasy.

They have deeply inflated ego and distorted self-image. If Horn of Africa is going have any chance of long term peace and development, these devils shall be defeated and defeated decisively - like the Hitler Germans and the military imperialists of Japan. Crushing defeat will also in the end be beneficial to them; as it heals them from the psychological crisis that they are suffering from. It brings them normality!

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