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20 wedimedhin divisions accompanying 350,000 qomiche and bilgina troops bogged down everywhere.

Post by abel qael » 20 Nov 2020, 19:16

1) The catholic church of Merebmilash totally condemns the war against Tigray.
2) Somali Government pulls back its earlier support for Meshrefet's war on Tigray... and Like Kenya and Uganda, calls for peaceful talks.
Meshrefet is now totally isolated from Africa leaders just like wedimedhin. AU meetings are now done in Kigali and Nairobi, to where they may move permanently.
3) qomiches and wedimedhin steal everything. including grain and household goods from every place they temporarily enter into.
4) The entire wedimedhin Army involved in the war is very unhappy about it.
5) Today Tigray started its own telecom system ( A major technical achievement of Tigrean IT experts that cannot be done by any 3rd world country in such circumstances of full-scale war) and is now working on having its own internet.
6) Colonel Mekele (Teame Goitom) arrested by wedimedhin and colonel Anday and 4 other intelligence officers abandoned wedimedhin and surrendered.

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