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abel qael
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Brave Tigrean bank workers show their middle finger towards Meshrefet's Gebeta Le Sheger aka bantu finxixa mender,

Post by abel qael » 17 Oct 2020, 14:38

Tigreans are fearless and principled people, the coward qomiches and bantugudifechas however keep on bitching in their closets but do not open even their mouth in genuine protest like these Tigreans did when Meshrfet illegally cuts their salaries left and right without their consent. Tigraway takes every risk if and when he has to stand for truth. These guys are living proof for that. This is what Tigreans are known for and by: they always think outside the box, unlike crowd-thinkers, Bantugudifecha, deqibidama and qomiche mobsters.

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