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Adwa's Abagerima Monastery, the second oldest monastery in the world, next to Saint Catherine Monastery in Sinai/Egypt

Post by abel qael » 17 Oct 2020, 05:42

The oldest illustrative Bible in the world was written by Aba Gerima/ Abune Isaac, right in this monastery, where it is still safely preserved.
The Grave of Ras Alula is also found in this Monastery.

This mysterious land is apparently sacred. it is so beautiful that it looks like one of the most picturesque parts of the Swiss Alps. It is rich in biodiversity, where rare wild animals and trees are found. Tigers and Hyenas live in peace next to where the monks live.
BTW: Tigray's Waldiba monastery built by Abune Samuel za-Axum is the largest monastery in the world, Sinai's monastey of saint Catherine is the second largest, and Shewan Debrelibanos is the 3rd largest monastery in the world.

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