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No reunification of Eritrea with Ethiopia: No enslaved Eritreans shall be part of the free people of Ethiopia

Post by EthioRedSea » 16 Oct 2020, 13:18

We do not need Eritrea to be united with Ethiopia. We as Ethiopia tare he only free people in the world. Let us enjoy our legacy and proud history.

No colonized people of Eritrea shall ever join Ethiopia. Let Eritrea unite with Sudan or Uganda or Nigeria or Egypt. Ethiopia shall remain free of Eritrean virus, which is the self-rejection image Eritrea has been suffering and might continue to suffer in the future.

Ethiopia should see Eritreans as foreigners and the services in Ethiopia should be the same for all foreigners living in Ethiopia except citizens of Israel. Repatriation of Eritreans should start. Ethiopia should have good relations with Arab countries based on mutual respect and benefit. Ethiopia will support Egypt in it's efforts to build a better economy. Ethiopia will support also Israel.

We do not need Eritrea back in our midst. We are tired of Eritreans. Eritreans are aliens to our Ethiopia and they cannot be part of Ethiopia. We need to delimit the International boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea based on Menelik's 1889 Wuchale Treaty with Italy.

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