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Re: ESAT Gizaw Legesse: The toothless Old hyena !!!

Post by Sabur » 15 Oct 2020, 22:50

Hawzen ብጽብጽ Amhara Apologist began forgerying out of desperation. This is what the desperate ብጽብጽ Hawzen made up forgery he wrote in my name.

I can not imagine how much lower this ብጽብጽ Hawzen can go. But one thing for sure is ብጽብጽ Pımp Hawzen, the Amhara Apologist, is going loco and crazy out of desperation .

Below is what he forged to look that I wrote. Such a Cheap Prostitute !!

Hawzen wrote:
15 Oct 2020, 19:34
Sabur wrote:
14 Oct 2020, 21:17
" The 30 years Eritrean Revolution for Independence was a mistake."
" The people and government of Eritrea should accept TPLF led Ethiopia is more powerful and that the people of Eritrea should submit to the mighty TPLF."
Backboneless Sabur aka Coward Benn,
What did you mean when you made these statements during TPLF's heydays ????

Dedebit is always dedeb
R.I.P Abay Tigray and TPLF

As I said many times you can rumble with the usual lies, make up stories and diatribe of assigning names, but you can not refute or challenge what I wrote below:

ብጽብጽ ከዛብ ዋሒድ !!

Challenge the following if you have a stand on Eritrea and the Eritrean People. You can't, Coward ብጽብጽ and Amhara Apologist and Isayas cheapest Bıtch.

Reiterating Again:
The mindset of most Amhara Neftegna has never changed and is getting emboldened by the Hasad Agame Isayas actions against Genuine and Patriotic Eritreans. First Arresting, Killing, Abducting, Exiling genuine and patriotic Eritreans with leadership qualities and then Emptying Eritrea of it's dynamic youth, which is a Final Nail in the Coffin.

Hawzen ብጽብጽ the Amhara Apologist and Isayas cheapest Bıtch is pretending to be alarmed about Amhara's salivating for Assab. Assab and Red Sea have been in the minds of most Ethiopians except for the Somali Ethiopians. This is a fact !!

The likes of Brigadier General Bitweded Abraha, Eritrean hero, knew about this and wanted to have a clear defined separation and relations based on International Rules and Laws between Eritrea and Ethiopia. But Hasad Isayas put him in Jail.

Since General Bitweded's stand was stark opposite to the wishes of the Hasad Agame Isayas, Hasad Agame Isayas arrested Eritrean Bitweded when TPLF Meles Chenawi, Isayas then bedfellow, was leading Ethiopia. It was around the same time when TPLF was in power that Hasad Isayas was flirting about economical then political Integration between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Now Hasad Agame Isayas flirtation (ኮሸምሽም) is clearly paving the way to the fulfillment of Neftegna's wishes while the Eritrean Heroes are dying and suffering in underground prisons and dungeons.

Hawzen ብጽብጽ - Cheapest Bıtch:

Who are you trying to deceive now ? The blame squarely rests on Hasad Agame Isayas wedi komarit.

Now Hawzen ብጽብጽ, go rumble with the usual lies and diatribe of assigning names.

ብጽብጽ ከዛብ ዋሒድ !!

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