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Ban Amharic and stop the oppression of non-Amharas in Ethiopia

Post by EthioRedSea » 15 Sep 2020, 18:14

The Somalis living in Addis Ababa or Finfinne have already started the process. They have banned Amharic in schools where their children go to.
Amharic should be banned because it is aggressive and primitive ( Twedros commiting suicide but will given to children as if he a hero). The same to Menelik, who betrayed Africans by signing the Wuchale treaty is presented as a hero.
By banning Amharic, we stop the anti-Ethiopia propaganda that has been unconsciously part of the political culture.

The Oromo in Addis Ababa or Fin Finne do not use Amharic as they used to do in the past.
We see Latin letters decorating the Oromo institution and suburbs.
We need to continue using our own languages.

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