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Post by experts » 15 Sep 2020, 10:49

Abiye is scared of the likes of Lidetu and after falsely jailing them, He is now herding these useless opposition since the serious ones are in jail, Abiye is meeting with these idiots every week for his usual show off Hollywood style.

This meeting as exposed by Ezema Secretary that a phone call last night to one official was called in and told these opposition that tomorrow morning there is a meeting with the Prime Minister and they are invited. No idea of the Agenda, No preparation for the meeting nor is any idea of the goal of the meeting.

Abiey as usual for TV show lead these idiots like sheep and he will be shown on TV as telling them this and that without any serious discussion

Very sad that Abiye is scared to discuss publicly with the brilliance minds like of Lidetu. Even I don't like Jawhar but his intellectual brain is more than Abiye and Abiye will never be sitting with Lidetu , Eng. Yilekal , Jawhar and others to discuss in public on issues. He knows he will be humilated and he took the rule book of Dr.Birhanu Nega not to sit with serious opposition and minds including medias so that they avoid humliation. Look at birr ahun, he always only appear on friendly and medias he supports/controls. Was it not a joke that birr ahun hiding in DC spoke with only ESAT's Sisaye Agena who by the way birr ahun pays his salary. The interview was a joke. Birr ahun wrote the questions himself and Sisya just asked him

Why not appear on other medias? In any case. The drama continues like a Hollywood soap opera and Abiye is the lead actor.

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