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abel qael
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ADAA BILISUMMAA OROMOO/ABO(read it as AaBaOo) declares Ethiopia is past its verge of collapse.

Post by abel qael » 14 Sep 2020, 23:17

The African Union has to secure good relationship with ABO if it wants to return to Finfine any time in the future. Finfine, the upcoming capital city or summit place of all Abageda's of Oromia, will definitely give the nation of Tigray veto power next to oromia.

I really do not know when the low IQ hamasenay lootineshes and the werada hodam Qomiches and waragays will understand that apocalypse is descending upon them? kkkkk And they call Meshrefet is their Mosses . Mosses my foot!

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