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What is the concern for traditional Ethiopia; the Wahabist within Oromo a la Tplf?

Post by tlel » 05 Sep 2020, 15:56

The Bale and Arsi have been babtized from Arabs, Wahabism. As a result, the rise of Oromia could be in reality the influence is Islamic Wahabism within Oromo using the government. Tplf would use this advantage to scare the Christians and Amara that is why most Ethiopians are hesitant. The Islamic Wahabism via Junedin Sado is using Oromo ethnicity to empower the Islamic Wahabism Oromo within Oromia especially in Arasi, Bale, Harar and Jimma. Plus, while Dr Aby is pro Ethiopian, who his matters amon Wahabist Oromo because of the influence of ethnic Oromo, Muslim leadership. For traditional Ethiopoians this is very uncertain what will happen to the future traditional Ethiopians. Traditional Ethiopoians is the populations which had lived in harmony for centuries among eachother without ethnic or religious resentment. the Liberation Fronts : Shabia, Tplf and Olf would use this to have power by scaring the traditional Ethiopians, saying you see, if you don't support tplf then Oromo islamic radicals will take over. At the same time it is tplf leadership who gave power to Islamic wahabi in Ethiopia as leverage to threaten Ethiopians and give up Ethiopia that is their agenda.

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