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K:ll Tigre people

Post by TesfaNews » 01 Aug 2020, 14:44

Kill tigre people :?: :roll: :x revenge Tigray people Tigray people are the snakes of the world must kill them tigrays Agames Chigeramoch always causing nonsense you must be k!lled all you Agames. Tigray 8) 8) wants to invade eritreas coast this is :shock: full scale war! Tigray needs to be k!lled and taught a lesson by k!lling 10,000 tegaru in order for debreporno to run to Zimbabwe and collapse the Cyber Weyane Inviciblitly. Smash Axum obelisk bomb it sh!t on hatse yohanes palace :mrgreen: :lol:

Always wish evil on all tegaru wish famine and plague corona to strike and obelisk to fall

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