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Happy Eid al fitr 2020

Post by eden » 01 Aug 2020, 09:25

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Re: Happy Eid al fitr 2020

Post by kerenite » 01 Aug 2020, 12:40

eden wrote:
01 Aug 2020, 09:25
Thanks Eden,

BTW the Eid which was celebrated yesterday worldwide was Eid aladHa (arefa) and not Eid alfaTir. Eid alfaTir falls after the end of the fasting month of romadan. There are 70 days difference between the 2 Eids.

Hey! You as "a lowlander eri" should have known it better than anyone here :mrgreen:

P. S. I heard the song in the clip. Your brother, the ugum dude mentions gwal keren. WTF has Keren to do with you ugums? Why don't you live us alone?
Intay Aynet Qurdid ikhum! Getskum TirHaq. Ufff foeee.

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