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Besides Al Nejashi, Tigray has many ancient Islamic centers such Raele-Hawile in Tseda-Emba wereda, and in werebaye

Post by abel qael » 01 Aug 2020, 04:20

Werebaye: Home of ancient Islamic center in South Tigray, reputed to be the cradle of East Afrca's top medieval eran Islamic scholars, who spread the correct teachings of the religion throughout the HOA. .... The center was so famous in HOA so much so that it served as the site of Hujra for hundreds of years before Hujra to SA become popular thanks to modern sport.
Werebaye's Hujira mosque is the first place where Islamic Sufism was practiced in the HOA it is also the place where Mewlid was celebrated for the 1st time. Shire also has many Islamic centers, including a huge forested scared land treated like Islamic monastery, which is found next to DebreAbay monastery, as the Islamic center was established by a friend of Abune Samuel, who started the DebreAbay monastery around 8th century. Thus the Islamic center in Shire ( I forgot its name) was started around 8th century, making it one of the oldest Islamic centers in the world. Remember: Such Islamic Monastery like the vast Islamic monastery in Shire is found only in Tigray. And this monastery is located on the side of Ethiopian christianity's most revered monastery, DebreAbay, where every Ethiopian priest graduates from. That is what we call religious equality in its truest sense,

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