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abel qael
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meshrfet is mocking Oromo prisoners as Amharu, federal and wedimedhin miltia are deployed on Tigray border right now.

Post by abel qael » 01 Aug 2020, 01:43

Meshrefet sent 15,000 of his republican army to cursedartera to infiltrate the Tigray-cursedArteran border along with shabia army accumulated on the border of Tigray and ar'tera and told to prepare to declare war on Tigray jointly, weyane knows the trick and will deactivate both if need be. The entire federal amy is now around Tigray, and we hope Welega will liberate more Oromo provinces when the dying Army is overstretched around Tigray. Meanwhile 200,000 Amharu militia are right on the border of tigray as wedimedhin militia dig trenches all around Tigray border and deploy more and more militia near the trenches.
Even the fake Federation commission led by an illiterate zoomali who became puppet of meshrefet is itching to declare war on tigray on national level and sent what he calls "final warning" to Tigray. The kosmana depreporno did not want to go to the details of the forces arrayed on Tigray, which I can see why, but I really do not like when he calls the meshrefet regime as federal government when we know bilgina is illegal party and should not lead the federal government. Debreporno should declare himself PM of Ethiopia by forming a transitional Ethiopian government in Meskele rather than going for election with useless power hungry opposition such as Hayalu Godify of salsay and other trkimrkis.
The most absurd thing in history is meshrefet saying he will not declare war on Tigray yesterday, and the next day he is already telling the fake house of federation led by an illiterate ugly zoomali to warn Tigray to stop election or????... meaning face war.... Bring it you bi'tch !

Meshrefet said Oromo prisoners are eating a lot and do not deserve to get more from outside so their account being frozen is okay. Meshrefet is also freezing their relatives' accounts- by by freezing their account he is punishing even the families of imprisoned Oromo politicians to scare Oromos into submission. He also asked his Emirati boyfriend to deport 3,000 oromos from Dubay after taking all their savings. Meshrefet is trying to do maximum damage to Oromos to secure his amharu relatives after he is removed very soon. And you can see his bloody face as he mocks Oromo prisoners and families.

Is this kosmana Muluwork guy a relative of the bekt hamasenay spy called Bereket simeon? He looks and sounds like him, and he says eeeh, ehhh after every word, just like that kosmana qoshasha cursedarteran who is now rotting in Amharu prison, their voices also sound similar-- very infantile, boring, jarring and dystonic sound. Eway, ata seb deyelen, bele kiros.

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