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According to these racists, Oromos & Tigreans are not included among the prisoners of conscience arrested by Meshrefet,

Post by abel qael » 31 Jul 2020, 04:06

Only Lidetu, Eskindir Nega, Yiliqal Getnet, etc, are considered "ye Hilina Esregnoch" coz they are Amharu, the 10s of thousands of Oromos, Tigrean and other Ethiopians arrested by Meshrefet without proof of committing any misdemeanor let alone felony are guilty unless proven innocent.

Death to all Bantugudifechas like this werada nifxam and ligagam extremely ugly with cannibalistic teeth named ErmiAss LegAsse. Crimal bantugudidechas like this azzhole and the qomiche traitors like Demekech who filled EPRDF to its brim over the past 27 years are the reasons as to why EPRDF crumbled like a house of cards overnight after one of their kind named Meshrefet took the chairmanship. And still these werada donkeys blame TPLF for all their own crimes and injustices they committed in Amharu and Oromo Kilils. ErmiASS was in EPRDF for very long time and one time he served as viceminister under the bekt arteran spy named Berket Smeon.

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