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Halafi Mengedi
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Today is not “Ethiopia Tiqdem” rather “Ethiopia Twdem” by all ethnics except the Amhara slave Gurage???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 31 Jul 2020, 00:43

What is wrong with this country people to allow foreign forces to kill citizens of the country yet they tell us we should live together???

The Oromo nationalists like Dr. Tsegaye Arersa, professor Eskeal and all of of Oromo people should tell Qero demonstrate for total independent. Amharu brought foreign forces Eritrea and they are deployed to kill citizen of Oromia yet any Oromo calls himself or herself Ethiopian, what is wrong with Oromo and all ethnics including Tigray??? Why are we citizen with Amhara when Amhara brought foreign soldiers to kill citizen yet any ethnic expect to live with Amhara???

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