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ኦሮሚያ ክልል ለሌች በወስጡ ያሉ ጎሳዎች ፍትሃዊ ስላልሆን ፈርሶ በ ጀኦግራፊካል ኣስተዳደር ሊተካነው

Post by Lakeshore » 30 Jul 2020, 22:00

This is great news for those smaller ethnicities in the so-called Oromiya region. We have witnessed the horrendous crime that is committed in shashemene, bale Arusi, Welega , Harar, Gigiga, Addis Ababa, and many other places in the present time Oromia.

This is the result of the Mercenary jawarian and OFECO,OLF expansionist lust for a larger area for their fantasy Oromia. To achieve this they started kegna politics. This means anywhere a gala lived they try to claim it is their land. It does not matter where it is. For example, look at Minnesota this animals they came as refugees begging and crossing many oceans and when they drink their Areke they claim Minnesota is Oromo land.

This is not a joke. Tsegay Arrarsa once said Mana means in oromigna house or " Bet" in Amharic and Sota means Aunt" Akest" then he concluded Minnesota mean in Oromo manna sota i.e " ye Akeste Bet endemalet new billo ale"ማና ማለት ቤት ማለት ነው ሶታ ማለት ኣክስት ማለት ነው ኣለ። ሜኖሶታ በ ኦሮሚኛ የኣክስቴ ቤት አንደማለት ነው ብሎት አረፈ

my point is their followers are so gullible they accept any theory to justify their fantasy. Today also he said Oromo cames from the water I think this guy is delusional.
The oromia region crushes and takes many smaller ethnicities as oromo through intimidation and killing for example Elibabur, Arbaminch even shahemene, Harrar , borrena, and so on are oppressed and do not have equal protection form these hooligans as we witnessed in the past few weeks. So I commend Abyi and his advisors for this change and we should support him fully.

In the mean time though all smaller ethnics in the current illegal oromia regin should have their own special zone and detrmine their own fate. Like i Amhara zone the Gala has special zone becuse they know they do not belong in Ethiopia.

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