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Noble Amhara
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In Tegede (Debub Welkait) Amhara Gov Demands The rest of Welkait to be returned Including Kafta Dansha

Post by Noble Amhara » 30 Jul 2020, 20:17

Gondar & Wollo is enough to fight Agame. Amhara Gov demand the return of welkait if agame reject.. recruit 120,000 Gondere Youths into the Amhara Liyu Hail and Fire into Dansha & Omar-Hajr Bridge destroy the Tekeze Dam burn Agame TPLF electricity down Immediately work with Eritrea and send 30,000 Troops to invade from Eritrea then send Abiys Military to have the National Army Blockade Tigray from leaving Humera. Block the agame Sudan Border annex it all to amhara eliminate any agame pests or occupants. And give agame TPLF her silly independence once all the lands are returned. To her original size Tekeze-Adigrat-Hintalo-Awri


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