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The Ethiopian government is illegal

Post by Axumezana » 30 Jul 2020, 16:48

Abiy was elected as in-trim leader until election is done in 2020, However, Abiy disbanded EPRDF and established PP and postponed the election illegally. After arresting all strong leaders of the opposition, he is indicating election may happen within a year. On the other side , he is pushing the country toward civil war by marginalizing the key political parties and allowing Isaias Afeworki , the arch enemy of Ethiopia and the agent of Egypt and Arabs, to be involved into the internal affairs of the country.

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Re: The Ethiopian government is illegal

Post by Abere » 30 Jul 2020, 17:03

Question, how many ethnic political parties participated regarding the postponement of the election? How many voted "yes" in favor of postponement of the election and how many "no". Don't you think the national revolt and turmoil during the TPLF's time prior to Abiy created a slack time which makes it difficult to strictly follow the calendar? How about the COVID-19 pandemic? Election is not an oxygen at this time that people can't live without it (may be it is an oxygen for TPLF) especially when the outcome is always the same. Although I understand why Abiy said let them(TPLF) waste the money to conduct an uncalled for election, I would have question and hold them accountable no to waste the federally appropriated fund for the money is a critical resource that could be either returned to the federal government and be diverted to others who can use it in the best interest of the nation.

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