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Deport Eritreans from Ethiopia - delimit the international boundary between Eritrea and Ethiopia!

Post by EthioRedSea » 30 Jun 2020, 06:56

Ethiopia should deport all Eritreans and Tigrayans who support Eritrea.
Ethiopia is regressing to a banana republic due to the presence a large anti-Ethiopia Eritrean population, which is manipulated by anti-Ethiopia forces like Egypt, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and others.

We need to delimit the boundary between Eritrea and Ethiopia as per Wuchale treaty. Ethiopia does not need Eritreans they are lazy and agents of destruction. They are the philistines of 21st century. The same is also Tigray Ethiopians from Agame, Adwa districts who support Eritrea.

Without a strong government that stands for Ethiopians, Ethiopia will regress to the pre-1974 era. In the last 2 years, since the advent of an Eritrean controlled government in Ethiopia, investments in education, manufacturing, road construction etc have significantly decreased. The trend will be worse unless Ethiopia manages to have a strong nationalist government.

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