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abel qael
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Let alone take a piece of Tigray's Tsegede, now even even Gichew (Enki Chew) with its vast farmland is in Tigray.

Post by abel qael » 29 Jun 2020, 14:58

The last good thing Gedu as Amharu leader signed with Abay Weldu is the transfer of Gichew (Enki chew) into Tigray' Tsegede. Gichew and Adi Selam are now in Tigray, but Tigray really needs to push all the way to Angereb Milash. Places like Adi Baria, Mai Weyni, Agbe, Enda ArbaEte Ensisa , etc are crying loud to be in Tigray. Gichew Has vast farmlands and major forest area.

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