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Noble Amhara
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Gojie Politicians

Post by Noble Amhara » 29 Jun 2020, 06:47

You Buda gojames (elites + Politicians)

Are always the most ignorant ugly and defensless people you Gojies love to talk and be puppets and up hold your dream organizations. Gojie is the secret enemy or Amharas political vision democracy always filled with empty pride you Gojies are immature idiots morons that cannot rule one Amhara town properly (ADP) . Lakeshore is a example he screams ethiopianwit when a his house is on fire. Gondere and Lalibela tells the Buda gojie boy to leave his house and he tells them to shut up. So the Lalibelan and Gondere come into the building to rescue BudaGojie in his city (Bahir Dar) the Gondere and Lalibelan heroes get murdered by a bunch of thugs and mercenaries for being a Heroic enough for trying to stop the fire and the Buda Gojie doesn’t even mind it so the Buda Gojie still sleeping screams ethiopianwit andnet 24/7 but Gonder and Lalibela isn’t screaming andenet we are screaming at your filithy hodam leaders to leave the building that’s on fire (Ethiopia) no matter how many times Gonder and Lalibela suffer under this Hellish Luciferian Regime of Meshrefet it’s always the Buda Gojie who serves the dictator show me any Amhara that works with Meles Zenawi-Abiy Ahmed that’s not from Gojam you won’t find any

What you Buda Gojies must do is be humble like us Amharas and step down from every form of power in Ethiopia and our region. So we Gondere Lalibelans and Shoans can humbly build a future and economic freedom for our selves something you failed for many years. Gonder can perfectly administer Gojam and make it Golden there is a reason why TPLF PP never murders Budagojies they know you are the most dumbest people

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