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abel qael
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The nifxam and ligagam bantugudifecha liar Ermias Legesee and not the decent Amhara Minalachew must be evicted.

Post by abel qael » 29 Jun 2020, 02:32

Remember wmat I posted A FEW WEEKS AGO, titled "Decent Amhara versus bantugudifecha", regards the ugly big liar WHO IS totally sickened with hate, THE UGLY BANTUGUDIFECHAN TRAITOR Ermias Legesee, VERSUS his nemesis, the decent Amharay, Minalachew simachew?
IT is sad to see Minalachew resign after I posted that and for the werada nifxam and ligagam Ermias Legesse to remain in Ethio360,. Everyone should boycott this werada site until the nifxam liar is removed. That cosmana kurman midget with droopy head called Tiborne should also be evicted as he is a big liar, hodam, terrible traitor and always opportunist.
Look at these liars fabricating another lie to belittle the struggle of southern Ethiopians by saying Bilgina is involved in their questions as if we do not know the fight is against bilgina. kkkkk midre qedada liars are trying to give indirect moral support to the failing bilgina.... or they think by blackmailing bilgina like this will motivate them to fight against the southern nations who are declaring their kilil.

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