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The false messiah that came to deceive you

Post by IntelReport » 28 Jun 2020, 22:37

Christians call it the anti-christ, Muslims call it dajjal and I call it Abiy Ahmed. Behind the smiles is an evil man who works at night slaughtering innocent Oromos and he's ultimate goal is to remain in power. We are witnessing the rise of the devil in human form. I have always told you that I was an atheist but currently I truly believe we are dealing with the comeback of the devil in human form.

He smiles and tells you all you want to hear but his true intentions is to slaughter those in his way. This devil is so powerful that even I have fallen for his words and many of you have also fallen for his words. Everything he's doing is to ensure his power isn't challenged and remember he was brought in by westerners and the Arabs to loot you and off-course pay his debt back to those who released him on this nation.

Remain armed and vigilant, this country isn't safe till the false messiah faces his death.

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