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A coward can never lead our Ethiopia: Never in million years

Post by IntelReport » 28 Jun 2020, 22:16

Ethiopian people have accepted killers like Mengistu or monarchs like Haile Selessie and technocrats like Meles but we never accept cowards. The people should rise up and do whatever it takes to end the cowards rule.

We won't accept a coward sleeping in Menelik palace.

OLF, TPLF, OFC, ONLF, Afaris and NAMA must united. I don't care if you hate each other or if you don't get along! We must get rid of the coward before he humiliates us further.

I want to see Amhara medias, Oromo medias and Tigrinya medias working together on getting the public on their side. We must tell the nation what the coward did? We must expose him and the video where the coward Abiy is saying "walahi, walahi to Al-Sisi must be played. You must understand that he's owned and is a slave on the leash.

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Re: A coward can never lead our Ethiopia: Never in million years

Post by TGAA » 28 Jun 2020, 22:36

"technocrats like Meles but we never accept cowards"

Cooldown Weyanee poodle. Abiy is doing miracles compared to a bunch of backstabbers gathered in Mekele hotel. He is doing what he has to do meticulously what needs to be done for Ethiopia. The day he cut you mafiosos out of the RGD , the success of the dam is assured. So you are getting shrunk every passing day, while chest tamping. He is registering deeds.

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