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Noble Amhara
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Post by Noble Amhara » 28 Jun 2020, 21:48

Gojies Mismanage everything they touch they cannot govern a single town they are natural idiots laughing hodams during crisis’s. The Gonderes and Shewans and Lastans are natural born heroes that prepare and say the truth and are the best fighters they don’t let Anyone colonize them including the Midget Bug Eyed Meles Chenawi who played games with Gojies to be installed puppets of Amara Kilil Gojie must be pressured to step down Belay Zeleke mother was from Lasta. Gojies promote Ethiopianwit during civil war Gojies are morons. Gondere and Lastans always give there resources and elites to save Amhara all the time. And Gojies never defend them Gojies fail Amhara everyday they are a headache to Shewan Gondere and Lastan Amharas.

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