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Re: OMG! Debretsion In 1977

Post by sesame » 09 Jul 2020, 21:26

Loot at how painfully stunted and malnourished the Agame horse is. He looks more like a donkey. No doubt, it is the result of a 1000 years of starvation.

Noble Amhara
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Re: OMG! Debretsion In 1977

Post by Noble Amhara » 14 Sep 2020, 07:29

New slave state

lil kogne
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Re: OMG! Debretsion In 1977

Post by lil kogne » 14 Sep 2020, 10:49

Tlel or who ever you are, I appreciate your humanity but, if you are humanist you should get the heck outa this site. period ! things has been said that are dehumanizing, degrading , vulgar and not polite. It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in here. One must speak to the backward Dedebit cadres in the language they least understand. I do feel from time to time when I see the youth in Yemen or the saud mistreated and striped of their humanity. But for the dedebit cadres, hell with them for they put the HOA through hell last couple of decades. So cry me a river buddy, you need to go to church and repent for login in to this site and utter your two cents.

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